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ZTE 24port switch ZXR101150-24T

The ZXR10 1000 series intelligent Ethernet switches of ZTE are designed for access layers to enable fast deployment and convenient access. This series includes two types, i.e. unmanaged and WEB-managed ones. So these switches can be widely used in many scenarios, e.g. small and middle-sized enterprises, hotels and cybercafes, etc


  • Diversified forms and excellent performance
    Support unmanaged and web-managed products. Enable the access of different number of ports ranging from FE to GE. As desktop-based 5-port/8-port switches, they are known for elegant appearance and quietness, which makes them perfect matches for office and family use. The WEB-managed switches give support to GE optical and electrical Combo interfaces, so users can make choices as per their specific needs. The optical interfaces of the switch support GE SFP optical interfaces and FE SFP optical interfaces, so the networking can be more flexible and convenient. All the products support wire-speed service forwarding, thus, they are capable of building non-blocking, high-speed and better-performance networks.
  • Plug-and-Play, easy deployment, easy management and easy maintenance
    Support Ethernet automatic identification mechanism. They can identify MDI/MDIX automatically. The unmanaged products do not need software installation or configuration. They are plug-and-play. The WEB-managed devices with customer-friendly interfaces support many management ways, e.g. Web, GUI, CLI and RMON


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